Life & Health Insurance Advisor – Spring 2024

8 Top Tips from Millionaires for Growing Your Retirement Nest Egg

retired couple on boatWhen it comes to saving and investing for retirement, millionaires tend to do things a bit differently than the average American. With their substantial net worth and investing savvy, they employ unique strategies to continually build their wealth over time. By modeling some of their habits, you can put your retirement savings efforts on the fast track.Read on for details.

What Is First-to-Die Life Insurance and Do You Need It?

couple reading documentYou and your spouse may rely on both incomes to afford your mortgage, save for retirement or college, or pay other monthly bills. So what would happen financially if one of you passed away prematurely? First-to-die life insurance could provide income replacement or pay off debts to support the surviving spouse.Read on for details.

How to Pick the Best Health Plan at Work

employees exchange high fiveWhen open enrollment comes around, you may feel overwhelmed evaluating the health insurance options your employer offers. However, arming yourself with key information can make navigating this decision much smoother. Follow this practical guide to choose the plan that best fits your needs and saves you money. Read on for details.

Important Retirement Trends to Keep an Eye On

Retirement is never static. From side hustles to soaring prescription costs, the nature of retirement continually evolves. As a retiree or soon-to-be retiree, staying apprised of the latest retirement trends is essential for financial security. Read on for details.

Life & Health Insurance Advisor – Winter 2023

Retirement Planning When You’re Your Own Boss

woman contemplatingBeing your own boss comes with perks like flexibility and freedom. But it also means you lack access to traditional employer-sponsored retirement plans.Read on for details.

The Self-Employed Person’s Guide to Navigating Health Insurance

laptopWhen you decide to strike out on your own and start a business, one of the first things you need to figure out is health insurance. You do have options, but navigating the world of private plans, public programs, and alternative arrangements takes some homework.Read on for details.

Five Life Insurance Don’ts: How to Avoid Putting Your Family at Financial Risk

baby hand graspingMaking sure your family is financially protected if something happens to you is one of the most important things you can do. That’s where life insurance comes in. But, buying a policy comes with potential pitfalls. Avoid these common mistakes when getting coverage so you don’t inadvertently put your loved ones at financial risk.Read on for details.

New 401(k) Superpowers: How Your Plan Will Work Smarter for You

Your 401(k) is getting ready for a high-tech makeover. Cutting-edge upgrades are arriving that will supercharge these workplace retirement plans like never before. Artificial intelligence, new savings options, and simplified lifetime income choices are some of the new capabilities coming soon from 401(k) providers across the industry. Read on for details.

Life & Health Insurance Advisor – Fall 2023

Unraveling the Mystery of Life Insurance to Safeguard Your Family’s Financial Future

annuitiesLife insurance is a safety net for your family’s financial future. It helps them manage the financial fallout after you’re gone. But it’s not as simple as signing up for a plan. Before you can decide on a policy, you need to understand the different types. Read on for details.

Surviving the Retirement Healthcare Hike: Practical Tips for the Modern Retiree

lose weightDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth became more popular and accessible, providing a convenient way for patients to connect with their doctors.Read on for details.


Stretching Your Retirement Dollars: Factors to Consider Before Retiring Overseas

vaxxedAs retirement edges closer, the question of how and where to spend those golden years becomes more pressing. Retiring overseas has become an increasingly attractive option, offering an opportunity for adventure, cultural immersion, and, potentially, a lower cost of living. But before you dive into this significant lifestyle change, there are crucial factors to weigh. Read on for details.

Avoid These Common Mistakes for a Stress-Free Retirement

Transitioning into retirement transforms your daily routine in many ways, presenting opportunities to engage in hobbies, support others, or even travel extensively. This stage can last several decades, so careful preparation and avoiding common mistakes are essential. Read on for details.